I’m very privileged.

By the grace of God, good fortune, kind mentors and a family that encouraged every random pursuit, I find myself as an educator to young adults at a critical point in their lives. Through the 50 – 75 workshops I conduct each year, I engage students in a range of workshops from designing a meaningful life to developing a deeper sense of self awareness to how to cultivate and leverage empathy and curiosity for professional success and other more tactical topics like how to find a job and how to ace aptitude tests and hiring interviews.

I see this blog as an extension of those endeavours. It is a chance to keep those classroom conversations with my students alive and to share it with a wider, digital audience of young professionals wanting to be their best, most holistic self.

Before joining the university, I worked for Heidrick & Struggles where I was part of the Leadership Consulting. Our sole purpose was to Ensure our clients (often large Fortune 500 businesses) had the leadership team with the right skills and mindsets to deliver the business strategy and achieve their 5-10 year goals. I had the exciting role of assessing talent to identify future leaders ready to be groomed for senior roles over 6 to 9 month leadership programs that I would then design and facilitate with my bosses and mentors. It was a humbling journey working with global leaders of major MNCs alongside my bosses and partners Scott, Gareth and Graham with over 25 years of helping business leaders be their best selves – personally and professionally. Those few years made it very clear – the best leaders were: highly self aware, great at understanding how people tick, so hungry and curious to constantly learn and doggedly driven to the point that no set back holds them down for long.

Outside the office, I’m a passionate hubby and daddy. I’ve a 1 year old girl and a 4 year old rescue dog that I love having as my companions for little outdoor adventures and coffee sessions.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me. I look forward to your comments and ideas along the way.

Spread the love. Always.

Jasbir Singh

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